Atomen.  117 mins  drama

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Cities change, people come and go, looking for connection, looking for meaning, trying to grasp at something to root them, to hold them safe in the bleakness of the night, beyond the neon and the billboards... This is a story of some people, some where.  How do they find meaning in a world where little seems to matter - if truth doesn’t matter, and love doesn’t matter, what is left?  How will they make their life mean something, when all around them, the world is falling apart?

Atomen follows a series of encounters, exploring chance, desire, lack of connection, and the ways in which social orders manipulate and mould individuals, leaving them lost and alienated. 

Inspired by Schnitzler’s scandalous play, Reigen, we see their precarious navigation through the fantasies and realities of their lives.  And, to paraphrase Bertolt Brecht…

Tonight you will see

A woman reassembled like a car

Leaving all her components

Just as they are.