Atomen  115 mins  drama



Tonight you will see

A woman reassembled like a car

Leaving all her components

Just as they are.


An ugly moment in a Berlin bar knocks Yasmina from her usual path and launches us into a series of encounters in a precarious world, beyond the neon and the billboards.  Inspired by Reigen, Schnitzler's scandalous 19th century play, Atomen is set in 2020, exploring the longing for love and connection, and the alienation of modern life. 


Using the structure of Schnitzler's play, we explore the inadequacy of language, the devastation of our societies, and the epic in the everyday. Our characters stumble through life, looking for meaning, in a world where we are told everything is available, but people are often lost and lonely. Their dilemmas are small, but reflect the ripples of seismic decisions made in a boardroom somewhere by someone…

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